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Our customers can enjoy and rely on our 24/7 TECHNICAL support.

For SLA contract clients we guarantee technical support response time. The time is defined in SLA agreement. For SLA clients we perform regular system maintenance, such as security patches installation, monitoring log outputs or backup system control.


For all our SLA clients we do provide extra installation of monitoring module which monitors all system operations; any problem recorded is automatically logged into our central system. According to the type of the logged problem, we contact you and propose a tailored solution for the particular problem. This system allows us to detect problems of your system, such as peak-time overload of your PBX, lack of voice channels, disk space problems, ISDN line failures, IP trunks failure/unavailability, site or hardware problems etc.

  • Asterisk PBX technical support (installation, operation, settings, echo cancellation etc.)

  • Integration of Asterisk PBXs into company systems

  • Connection of Asterisk PBXs with legacy PBXs (Nortel, Cisco, Matra, Alcatel etc.)

  • IP communication consulting (QoS, codecs, hardware selection)

  • Development and implementation of new features and dial plans for Asterisk PBX (IVR systems, recording systems, load balancers)

  • Consulting and implementation of high-availability solution for Asterisk PBX (Asterisk cluster, redundancy, backup etc.)

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