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Daktela V6 offers as open solution ready-to-use integration tools and at the sam time enables building complete custom inteegration with internal and external systems of the copmany. We prepared case studies and documents for standard scenarios of integration with commonly used applications, that reflect the experience and our own best practice built on these cases.

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Daktela API

Several ways to integrate


It is possible to integrate Daktela V6 with your own systems in several ways:

  • Standardized REST API for direct communication of your system with Daktela V6

  • JavaScript CLI library for integration of agent functions on the client side of your application

  • Ready-to-use CTI integrations in the form of control panels directly integrated within supported applications

  • CRM synchronization between your system and Daktela V6

  • API calls enabling communication between Daktela V6 and your system based on events

  • Integration of custom views of your applications directly in agent desktop of Daktela V6 (so-called widgets)

For more information see our documentation.

System integrations

CRM system interoperability

It is essential for a contact center and company as such to preserve customer data and customer interaction information at one single place. Because we fully understand this requirement, we prepared ready-to-use integration or we have already integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics systems. Nevertheless we are able to connect to other commonly used or even custom-developed CRM systems. More information can be found in the Contact center integration with CRM whitepaper.


Single sign-on

Access management can be one of very difficult tasks for a company considering process unification. To simplify this for our customers as much as possible we prepared right next to our authentication backend ready-to-use authentication against Active Directory, LDAP or Google Apps backend.

Business Intelligence

Because we understand how it is important for our customers to be able to look at the data in very specific manner and to be able to interpret the data in custom way, we enable direct access for data transformation tools to Daktela V6 for further visualisation. Each customer is therefore able to build regular and ad-hoc reports based on very specific needs.


Practical examples

In order to prove that our integrations are not just on paper, you can directly look on some practical and ready examples deployed in real environment. Choose any system or plugin below and find out yourselves how easy it is to integrate with us.

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