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Daktela V6 offers as open solution ready-to-use integration tools and at the sam time enables building complete custom inteegration with internal and external systems of the copmany. We prepared case studies and documents for standard scenarios of integration with commonly used applications, that reflect the experience and our own best practice built on these cases.

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Call Center Solutions Dubai IP PBXs are open systems which can easily be integrated into many other systems. PBX is seen not only as an independent unit – as it was previously – but as a part of an integrated IT solution. Our PBX feature an API interface which can be used for the integrations. The main feature is click & dial – contacts from the sales system of CRM can be dialed with one click. The PBX data is stored in an SQL database which can be accessed from other company IT systems. Within the call center solution, the PBX can be integrated into current CRM systems. The most used integration features are the opening of client records during incoming calls and dialing contacts directly from the CRM system.

Daktela V6 offers an open solution ready-to-use integration tools and at the same time enables building complete custom integration with internal and external systems of the company. We prepared case studies and documents for standard scenarios of integration with commonly used applications, that reflect the experience and our own best practice built on these cases.

Daktela API
System integrations


Salesforce API integration

Part of our solution is Daktela Salesforce CTI module for Salesforce CRM, which provides Salesforce users with an automatic integration of calls and call center toolbar directly into the Salesforce web interface. Daktela Salesforce CTI implements Salesforce’s Open CTI interface and communicates with Daktela PBX using API. Salesforce users can easily click and dial any phone number. When a user receives an inbound call, contact is recognized and Salesforce’s contact page is automatically opened. All call activities are automatically logged into the Salesforce.


Reference: travel agency Neckermann, UEPA – Alpha / Shutterstock reseller, ZeroTurnaround

Together with our partners, we delivered a wide range of solutions, where we integrated our contact center with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Contact centers operators can handle their call center status directly from CRM. They can also make calls using click and dial, additionally, customer's contact card is automatically opened on incoming call.


Reference: Mountfield, Logic point

SAP is one of the world’s best known ERP systems but does not offer by default support for communication with data exchange in JSON format, which supports our API. For connection with this system is therefore used our custom build connector communicating via SOAP protocol, which provides compatibility with SAP system. By using this connector it is possible to obtain real-time information about the caller from SAP, open customer’s cards on the SAP side or store the information about past calls including a link to the recording on the customer’s card.


Verified and complete integration into the information system ZIS-USYS®.net, where call center operators handle their status directly from the information system. By incoming calls are automatically opened cards of calling customers to the operators, that significantly speed up the process of the identification of the customer and the overall process of handling the call.

Reference: Centrum Usług Wspólnych – Energia i Gaz Sp. z o.o., Bohemia Energy

We support Single Sign On (SSO), a process that allows users to authenticate themselves against an external LDAP rather than obtaining and using a separate username and password handled by us. LDAP is an industry standard for user and organization informational data storage, used for directory services, authentication, and authorization. LDAP is usually supported by OpenLDAP in Linux systems and by Microsoft’s own Active Directory on Windows. CCSD natively supports both LDAP & Active Directory for user authentication.

Reference: Conectart


We have extensive experience with integration of our PBX and Microsoft Lync server. We have implemented integration, particularly for large corporate clients. There is allowed connection of Lync Server users with the public telephone network.

Reference: Invia, Mountfield

In cooperation with Keboola we prepared an API extractor into Keboola Connection, which downloads all data via our API from the IP PBX, call center and helpdesk. You can work comfortably with this data in Keboola Connection and subsequently process this data in any BI tools such as GoodData or Tableau. This solution is suitable for advanced custom reporting of call center`s data or for blending data from multiple data sources.

​Reference: Rockaway, Conectart

A very complex integration with economic systems like Cígler software allows operators to handle their status in PBX directly from the economic system. Thus, operators work only with one system and calling customer’s cards are opened automatically.


DISPATCHING SYSTEMS – iQuest, Macrom Software, ESOL

Our call center’s solution is very often integrated into the dispatching systems. During our existence, we integrated our solution with a variety of dispatching systems from companies like iQuest, Macrom Software, ESOL, and others. These solutions are very often used to manage the operation of taxi services, car transport, and logistics companies.


Reference: Tick Tack Taxi company

Call Center Dispatch System Integration API
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