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Call Center Solutions Dubai Helpdesk is a multi-channel helpdesk application with modern web interface for easy management of customer requests and internal company tasks. Your customers can enter new requests through phone, email or web chat. With our Helpdesk application you will always have an easy overview of what the operator is doing and how long it takes to respond and resolve customer requests. Call Center Solutions Dubai Helpdesk supports the definition of SLA respond and resolve times. Operators have immediate access to all necessary information about the open tickets including a comprehensive customer communication history, which will help operators to resolve customer requests easily and faster. Call Center Solutions Dubai Helpdesk is fully integrated into Virtual Call Center.


Daktela Helpdesk supports the processing and organization of customer requests (tickets) across multiple communication channels. Currently supported communication channels are phone, email, web chat and SMS. All ticket’s communication activities are immediately recorded in the communication history and can be clearly displayed at any time through nice web interface together with call recordings which can be directly played back in web browser.

Support for multiple communication channels - phone, email, web, chat

Multiple channels

Easy integration with your company email solution

Easy integration

Daktela Helpdesk can be easily integrated with your company email solution using standard secure protocols. You create one or more dedicated email boxes on your company email solution (eg. and all incoming emails will be automatically downloaded by Daktela Helpdesk email connector which will manage to create new tickets or assign to existing one. All outgoing email communication to your customers will go through your company email server and will appear to your customer as it comes from you (eg. Daktela Helpdesk supports unlimited number of email connectors and unlimited number of ticket categories.

Create trouble ticket during phone or webchat conversion

Trouble ticket

Operators can create new trouble tickets easily during a phone call or webchat session. And whats more they can assign the activity (phone call, webchat) to that newly created ticket. This means that phone call recording or webchat transcript is part of the ticket communication history and accessible on one click. Incoming emails from you customers are automatically asigned to existing tickets based on unique ticket number. Operators have easy access to full communication history together with opened tickets at any time

Make your own ticket category for each operator or group

Ticket category

Daktela Helpdesk lets you define your own categories of tickets for better clarity. Each ticket category can have its own email connector or you can setup rules based on which your incoming email is assigned to particular categories. You can define operators or groups responsible for particular ticket categories. Everyone is different and everyone has different working style – Daktela Helpdesk supports the definition of ticket views for each operator or operator group. Make your own ticket views, define sorting patterns, display whats most important, move your favorite tickets on the top and many more tricks help to maximize operator performance.

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Support of internal comments and attachments

Support comments

Daktela Helpdesk Dubai enables internal users to add internal ticket comments which are not sent to customers but are visible to internal users only. Add comment to provide feedback, guidance, warning, kudos or anything else which can help your team or colleague provide better customer support for your customers. You can also add unlimited number of attachments to the tickets – eg. screenshots, pricelists, debug files.


Define your SLA for each category or queue - everything is measured

Daktela Helpdesk Dubai provides the option to define the rules for calculating the SLA. Define the deadlines for the first response time and the ticket resolution time. Or do you need to define ticket priority? You can do that. SLA rules definition can be created for each ticket category. We know that your VIP customer needs different treatment than the others. Yes, you can create specific SLA for each customer directly in integrated CRM system. Everything is measured and we provide easy to understood pre-defined reports and statistics. You can understand the team performance down the operator performance with one click. Do you need advanced analitics? We provide full-featured API REST interface.

Ticket updates

Ticket updates can be notified by email

Daktela Helpdesk can send ticket updates by email to operators or managers. Operators can configure what should be notified based on many rules – ticket categories, favorite tickets etc. This feature helps users to stay easily updated even they not currently logged into Daktela Helpdesk web interface.

Customization option

Daktela Helpdesk was designed with the knowledge that every company is different and work differently. Daktela Helpdesk maintains set of small but important details which can modify application behaviour. For example you can define your own custom field structure with each ticket beacuse its important for your business – for example add order ID field, reason, time spent or anything else. Of course you can search and find tickets based on these custom fields. Or do you need to define your own custom date field with “automatic reopen after” functionallity? Yes, you can do that.

Extensive customization option - customize the setting as you really need

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